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Installation, 3 room models, associated audio pieces, 2009

An installation will be shown, consisting of three room models and associated audio pieces. In each of the approx. 45 x 70 cm large boxes, three miniature rooms with a shortened perspective can be seen, which could be part of an ordinary one-room apartment. The work tells the story of the sound artist “Marek”. The protagonist finds himself in a complicated situation in his life, which he does not feel he can deal with and loses himself in a rigid incapacity to act. He is working on scoring the biblical story from the New Testament (Acts 9), in which Paul of Tarsus meets Jesus Christ on the way to Damascus. One narrative, integrated as the artistic product of the main protagonist in the other, actual narrative, allows conclusions to be drawn about Marek's inner life. If the viewer operates the switch integrated in the front of the respective box, the box is illuminated from the inside. The first mirrored pane on the front becomes transparent and the interior of the model room becomes visible. The viewer can see a playback device in each room (cassette recorder / answering machine / system). By activating the light, the audio piece belonging to the respective room is played, which the protagonist Marek recorded there or which his fellow human beings could have spoken on the answering machine.

Korbinian Jaud Kunst München
kitchen / answering machine
00:00 / 04:06
Korbinian Jaud Kunst München
recording studio / audio play
00:00 / 06:36
Korbinian Jaud Kunst München
bedroom / recorder
00:00 / 06:15
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